Sea bass are rather perch like fish. The more or less elongated body has small scales, the mouth is large, and the tail is generally straight-edged or rounded. The dorsal fin, a diagnostic feature, consists of a forward, spiny section and a hinder, soft-rayed section; the two portions are usually joined but may be separated by a notch. The name sea bass describes many different kinds of fish. They are typically native to subtropical and tropical waters, and many varieties are popular for use in cooking and eating. Some common varieties of this type of fish include black sea bass, Chilean sea bass, giant sea bass and potato cod. Many varieties of these fish are threatened or endangered due to overfishing.


Sea bass are fish in the family serranidae, in the order perciformes. These fish usually have small scales and a large mouth on an elongated body. They are carnivorous fish and may vary greatly in size from several inches to several feet. Patagonian tooth fish are a bottom-feeding species that live in the Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian oceans near Antarctica. Also known as Chilean sea bass, these fish are valued for their firm, white meat and high oil content, making them a popular choice in upscale restaurants in several countries.


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